What I can do in post production/editing.

I ALWAYS color correct and fix backgrounds.  I auto brighten teeth and fix out of place hair and wardrobe odds and ends.   


I TYPICALLY airbrush entire skin, remove acne, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, tails, horns, etc.  If a customer wants to keep these things, I have zero problems with that.  


I CAN thin or thicken anything that a customer would like.  I can lift and tuck anything.  I can cover up tattoos, piercings.  It is all about my customers.  You do you.  What one client wants, another doesn't.  I have learned to not assume.  


When you choose your photos, please keep the above in mind, and communicate your requests. 

Depending on my schedule, you will get your photos within the three weeks following your selections. 


Thank you!




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